Triwater is focused in three core areas: Water Filtration Systems, Waterline Renewal Technologies and Water Treatment Solutions.

We believe in the power of differentiated products and technologies, supplied through multiple distribution channels. Triwater's focus areas comprise a significant market and represents large growth opportunities as a means to build scale.

Water Filtration Systems

We remove undesirable contaminants with our point-of-use water filtration products for leading retail brands, OEM’s and distribution networks. Our objective is to offer the best turnkey solutions to our customers - from concept design, to testing, certification and then manufacturing.

The Opportunity
Despite the decaying infrastructure, the U.S. provides the highest quality municipal drinking water of any country in the world. However, tap water often needs filtration at the point-of-use to remove unfavorable taste, odor and other contaminants. The $20 billion global point-of-use water filtration market is expected to experience robust growth and double over the next five years, with particular growth in the Asia Pacific region, where even tap water can be unsafe.
Waterline Renewal Technologies

We provide trenchless rehabilitation of degraded infrastructure through differentiated products, technologies and services, to prevent inflow and infiltration of sewer systems and potable water pipelines.

The Opportunity
The U.S. population has increased by nearly 50% in the last 30 years, while spending on water-related infrastructure has largely remained the same over that period. The EPA estimates that at least $1 trillion needs to be spent on wastewater and drinking water infrastructure over the next 25 years.
Water Treatment Solutions

We provide chemical and equipment solutions that revitalize asset efficiencies and protect mission-critical equipment by removing contaminants, disinfecting and reducing corrosion and scale in boilers, cooling towers, and industrial processes.

The Opportunity
Industrial and commercial businesses are increasingly looking at ways to reduce energy, water and wastewater discharge costs, by using water more efficiently through recycling and reuse. The water treatment market for chemicals and equipment is currently over $20 billion.